We like to share knowledge so we can offer training for client. As a software we provide training tailored to your needs. Our offer is addressed to organizations that would like to change and start to work in modern way.

Full training offer is available via e-mail.


In that phase we work together with client to create best fit application. Client is active member of team and helps us to achieve maximum results. Because of that we focus on communication and daily work with client.

Putting together best practices, our experience and client knowledge about business domain we can create software that is answer for specific needs. Working in that way we can easily adapt final product to changing market realities.

Software design

This is a most important moment of our work with client. We collect requirements, prepare simple model and try to understand how we can help.

At this level our client is our guide through domain and business. Shows us common and specific cases. We discuss a lot about needs, vision and requirements. Finally we prepare plan of work selecting most important elements that should be implemented in first place.

In next steps we focus on less important cases but designing is continuous element of development. We still develop product to create application that match all client needs.